Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Packs of the back variety.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect backpack. It seems very important to me lately. This morning on Pinterest I ran into this image with no link to wear it came from. I started to research for any information I can find about these North Face backpacks. The only information I could find is they're only sold in Japan for hundreds of dollars. Humpf. WHYYY?? Not fair. Does anyone know any alternative or have seen these backpacks in the states?

I've been eying these two backpacks below for a couple of months now. I REALLY want the Urban Outfitters backpack, but I don't know if I can commit $68 to a backpack...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Haptic Lab

Something I do almost daily is check out A Cup of Jo. I love A Cup of Jo. I have been following Joanna's blog for years now, experiencing her wedding and first child through her blog, I feel somewhat virtually close to her (like her other hundreds of followers). Last fall, I read this post about Brooklyn-based Haptic Lab. Very intrigued, I continued to check out their website. Amazing quilts! Their custom quilts are beautifully made and would make a lovely wedding present. Loving what I saw, I signed up for the monthly quilt giveaway. & in January, I won! After deciding what colors and city I would like, I decided on a green backing and Los Angeles. So just this past month I received my free Haptic Lab baby quilt of Los Angeles. I love it, it's very unique and it makes me proud to live in Southern California. I love the little stitching of different important parts of Los Angeles. Since I don't have baby, and no plans to gift it to a baby, haha, I plan on hanging it on my wall. :) Thanks Melinda and Emily!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Dino & A Cacti

So here are two of my most recent purchases. Sunday was the semi annual Patchwork - Indie Arts and Crafts Festival here in Santa Ana. It is a very awesome craft fair that has been around for the past 4 or 5 years. There is one in Long Beach as well. They have one at the beginning of summer and one right before Christmas. The Christmas Patchwork really comes in handy to find some presents. This Patchwork I went to Lexi Lee's A Tiny Little Bit booth & I got this little dino I've been eying for years and a no hassle cactus. ;) I decided to get the cactus because I've been struggling in the plant department, BUT I do plan on starting a little cactus garden. The dino is now my little friend on my futon and my cactus is next to my beta fish's tank.

Here's my inspiration for the cacti garden:


image via pinterest

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anna Karina/Christina Marie

So it's been pretty hard for me to get used to this hair. IT'S SO DIFFERENT! Not only that, but I'm having to figure out how I want to style it. Today, I thought I had a hour to get ready this morning which in reality turned out being fifteen minutes. So I threw on one of my fedoras and looked like this:

Today was the first day back at school since I got my hair cut so I was kind of reluctant to how people would respond, especially since I didn't do anything to style it. The responses where I looked like Madeline (the cartoon character), high fashion, and a French New Wave actress, Anna Karina. Wasn't sure who Anna Karina was, but after my research, I learned that it's a compliment that REALLY boosted my confidence with this cut. Here are some photos of her:

Gorgeous right? Her work is at the top of my Netflix queue now.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

The New Me.

Wooh! This is going to take getting used to, but this is my new haircut ;) I've forgotten how dark my natural hair color is; I got all of the blond cut off. But yeah, this will be fun for summer! <3

Friday, May 06, 2011

Fish Braid

Got to the point where I can put my hair in the fish braid, and now I'm going to cut it. Haha, :(

The braid creates some nice waves though!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Hairs Cut

I am FINALLY jumping in and getting a haircut this Saturday. Going to the Paul Mitchell School at 1:15pm. Eeee!

Here's before:

& here are the inspiration photos I will be showing the hairdresser:

I want to style it like Alexa Chung and have the length of Jessica Lowndes hair. I'm pretty excited to have this cut for the summer and to really change things up. I've been procrastinating this change because of playing volleyball, but since that is done, it. Is. Time. Bunana. I hope I can pull this off! Wish me luck! I'll be posting the results next week :)

Photos from Pinterest (my new addiction).
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