Tuesday, July 29, 2014

affordable presents: daiso

I needed to create 3 birthday presents stat. Three of my girlfriends' birthdays are very close to each other and I was going to give them their presents all on the same day. So I decided to give them similar presents. 

I had never heard of Daiso until my younger sister, Ashley introduced me to this Japanese dollar store. (They just opened one local to me.) Every item in the store is $1.50 unless marked higher. I took a look around last week and I came up with these 3 presents and I only spent $20!

Apparently there are 15 locations in the U.S. - 5 in Washington and 10 in California. So hopefully there's one in your area! If not, you can always order online.

Not too shabby, right?

- Christina

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Monday, July 28, 2014

my weekend

My weekend consisted of:

1. Donating A BUNCH OF STUFF to Savers. I've been clearing my room for a few weeks and I'm almost running out of things that I want to get rid of.

2. My older sister, Natalie bought this beautiful comforter at Savers for me. Made me feel very eco-friendly because it was thrifted & made in the U.S.A.

3. Watching a Woody Allen documentary. I fell asleep in the middle so I'm very familiar with his early work and current work. ;)

4. Eating vegan donuts from The Donuttery.

5. Hanging out with Timber & Oliver.

6. Watching the Angels play the Tigers. Angels won! (It's sometimes difficult to have a picture of Keith smiling. He always likes to tease me.)

7. Eating at Lola Gaspar in Downtown Santa Ana. Delicious handmade fries, margarita & cauliflower tacos. Yum.

How was your weekend?

- Christina

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Friday, July 25, 2014

link love

It's finally the weekend! Any plans? I'm going to a birthday party tonight & going to see Boyhood on Sunday with Keith. I'm also going to redeem my Veggie Grill free birthday meal voucher, too! Here are some great links from around the web. 

I'm constantly trying to be more creative in Photoshop. Slowly learning! Check out Jamie's tutorial on how to add texture to text.

This will be very helpful when I start packing for our Europe trip. 

A vegan friendly dream catcher DIY.

This documentary looks fascinating! & it's available to watch for free.

Great post about eating healthy on a budget.

A podcast about eating vegan in Italy.

- Christina

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Photo by Courtney Seymour.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

washi tape keys

All of my work keys look the same! I have three keys that unlock different doors, so I created this little solution - put washi tape on the keys to distinguish them. What do you think? Hopefully this idea is helpful for you! 

- Christina

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

25th birfday


Yesterday was my 25th birthday! Keith and I took a day trip to LA to celebrate. We got to LA around lunch time so we went to the vegan restaurant, Cafe Gratitude. We had so much yummy food. It seems that a lot of vegan restaurants now and days want to create menu items that center around substituting meat and dairy (a lot of seitan, tempeh, tofu), which is fine but Cafe Gratitude was a breath of fresh air with a lot of VEGETABLES. I created a little video documenting our lunch date. (I wanted to document the whole day, but technical difficulties...) The menu is really unique. At the top it says "I AM" and you fill it in with your order. My entree was called "Whole," so I ordered "I am Whole." Definitely a restaurant worth checking out. Can't wait to go back!

After lunch we went to the Griffith Observatory. It was my first time visiting. It's so cool! The observatory was created in 1935 by Griffith J. Griffith (great name, right?) to have the public be exposed to astronomy because apparently observatories we're out in the middle of nowhere and were only available to scientists. There's a lot of exhibits, all free to check out. & there's a planetarium that have different themed shows ($7 a ticket). We watched the show about the Northern Lights. Super fascinating. 

Other activities included going to KindKreme for some chocolate ice cream, walking around a nearby farmer's market & Echo Park Lake, have a birthday cocktail (a bloody mary), and dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Honda Ya. 

This morning Keith, Courtney (& some puppies) and I had a lovely breakfast which pretty much concluded the celebrations very nicely. 

I'm so thankful for Keith and Courtney making my 25th birthday extra special. Love you two.

- Christina

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