Monday, September 22, 2014

my weekend

signs of fall
don't blink!
sister, sister
veggie grill yummies
pitaya smoothie wiiiith chooocolate
always giving me the "grumpy gills" face.
stanley, the founder of radiator springs. love the gold tooth.
keith with the goodyear blimp, aka "blimpy." it's was flying over because of the angels baseball game.
at the "winery" in california adventure
trader sam's is a tiki bar by the disneyland hotel
we ordered the uh-oa!
a wall of lego bricks at the lego store in downtown disney
you can create your own lego person. this is keith's creation.
My weekend consisted of: 

Hanging out with the puppies in the backyard. So happy it's officially fall today. There were leaves on the ground and a crisp breeze. 

Going to Veggie Grill and Banzai Bowls on Saturday. We had Buffalo Wings, the Buffalo Bomber, Baja Tacos and Crispy Cauliflower. At Bonzai Bowls, I had a pitaya smooth wiiiith chooocolate.

Going to Disneyland with Keith. We went to parts of the resort we've never enjoyed before like Trader Sam's, by the Disneyland Hotel. We had great service and would have taken the souvenir tiki cups home if they weren't so expensive. We also went to the Lego Store in Downtown Disney. We have a hankering to get ourselves a set to build. (I have not out grown playing with Legos. I'm hoping my dad will bring them out of the garage for the holidays.)

How was your weekend?

- Christina

Saturday, September 13, 2014

tips to save money for traveling

My boyfriend, Keith and I have been saving money for our European backpacking trip for a REALLY long time. We've been planning this trip for years and it's been pushed back for various reasons. Since we've been saving for what feels like forever, I've gathered some tips to save money:

Stop buying things! 
There's a lot of extras that we don't need. I suppose that is easier said than done but whenever I think about something I could buy, I think about how I could spend that money on my traveling. I also think about whether or not that purchase will benefit my traveling. If it doesn't, I won't buy it. 

Eat mono meals/buy in bulk. 
Lately I've been incorporating more fruit in my diet. Typically those meals come in the form of a gigantic smoothie or just a large portion of fruit. For breakfast, I've been eating either a date shake (which includes just dates and water, sometimes the occasional banana) or oatmeal. I've been buying dates and oatmeal in bulk so those purchases go a long way. For lunch I've been having a small watermelon or 2 mangos. Both a small watermelon or 2 mangos run between $3-$5. Sounds like a pretty cheap meal to me! & very recently I've been having soup for dinner. Currently I've been buying it but soon I want to make it in bulk and freeze for the week.

Ride my bike to work. 
Imagine the gas you save! The exercise you get! I was riding my bike more frequently at the beginning of summer, but I've fallen off the wagon. I need to get back on!

Save in cash.
For a long time I would save my money in cash. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but when my money was something physical it was easier for me to put it away. When it's a number in my bank account it was easier to spend (and not notice it disappearing). I had my cash locked in a box in my closet for years and I would cash out a portion of my paycheck and put it in there. I never knew how much money was in there until I put it in the bank. Might be helpful to you.

If you need buy clothes, buy thrifted or vintage.
You might feel the need to get a new dress for a wedding or special occasion, so buy it thrifted! Check out my friend Katie's garage sale score. (Apparently, you can make an outfit for $5!)

Offer to eat in & not out. 
I find that most of my hanging out with friends involves a meal or getting drinks. Both of those things can more affordable if you do it at home. Offer to make dinner, which will likely become leftovers. Also be sure to pack your lunch for work (2 mangos or a watermelon makes that process easier).

Don't go out.
Don't hate me for this, but don't go out. If you do, do free things like go to the beach or park. There are books you probably own & haven't read or Netflix movies you haven't seen.

Don't buy books.
I've been inclined to purchase books lately. But I have so many on my shelf that I haven't even read. The library is also a good resource for book and movies. 

Create affordable gifts.
Sometimes you just have to spend money. Your friends birthday has come up and you're not not going to give them a gift. I have a couple (and more to come) ideas on how to create affordable presents. You can see them here & here.

There's typically free or cheap ways for every part of your life, you just need to think about it first. Some of these tips aren't realistic to some of you & some of the time I don't even follow them (did a tiny bit of shopping during Labor Day weekend). But it's good just to think about your spending and see where you can make some cuts.

What do you think? Do you have any tips?

- Christina

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

send a package

Getting snail mail is the best. All I really receive are pre approved credit cards. Fun times.  Greeting cards are great, but a package(?!) is even better. When I was with Courtney, she expressed that she liked my headband. I already had one made so I knew right away I'd give it to her. I decided to make it extra special by mailing it to her. I also added extra things to make it more special. 

I hope this inspires you to make a gift package for your friend!

- Christina

Monday, September 08, 2014

my weekend

Highlights from my weekend include:

Doing yoga videography. My friend Madison and I are working on getting some of her yoga classes on YouTube. Stay tuned! We filmed a 30 minute flow and a crow pose tutorial. I will start editing soon. So excited!

Using my Target gift card I got for my birthday. I needed to get some mascara so I checked out what ELF (a vegan makeup brand) had to offer in regards to lipstick. I got some new colors that have me out of my comfort zone. It's nice to try new shades & it doesn't hurt that it's only $3!

Going to California Adventure with Keith Sunday afternoon. We went to Cars Land and Paradise Pier. I think those are two of our favorite lands at the resort. We're always just drawn to them. It's so nice to have a Disneyland pass. We're gonna be sad when they expire next month. (We're not renewing our passes because we're going to be out of the country for 4-5 months! So NBD.)

How was your weekend?

- Christina

Thursday, September 04, 2014

leaving on a jet plane

It's real. It's real. It's real.

We bought our tickets. We're leaving.

Los Angeles to London
March 10th, 2015 - July 2015

- Christina

P.S. - We will be traveling all around Europe. We're just starting in London. ;)

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